haha, i wish this thing was real. i'd love to have it in my room, just for show.

42 strings, i think. i cracked up at first glance.

EDIT: wow, i guess it IS real... haha, i totally want one now... at least i know what to save up for in the future.
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I think it is real, actually. I heard that most of the strings/necks are open tuned to different chords or something.
yeah its definantely real. Ive seen it. its called a Pikasso Guitar. Pat Metheny a blues guitarist has used them. Looks like a piece of **** though lol.
man I'd hate to be the guitar tech that has to tune that thing.

edit: damn beaten to it
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Yuh, Pat Metheny plays one of those on "Into the Dream"
My God, it's full of stars!
pat metheny is awesome. He does all that jazz music for the weather channel
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i dont really like that.
but if you do, then im not gonna say anything.
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