hey guys.

okay so right now i have a Ibanez RG4EXQM1, (through a PocketPOD)
The guitar is really really nice, dont get me wrong
but i feel that this guitar was designed for soloers, and shredders, and myself, i play more rhythm parts.

For example -
playing the intro of beast and the harlot (the lead part) my guitar sounds excellent, and im pleased. But moving on the the rhythm part following it, it kinda feels like the tone is lost, the power chords arent really defined and you kinda cant really tell what im playing.

So, as im getting a new guitar soon, i was wondering what suggestions, advice, or guitars you could recommend that have great lows for rhythm and are great for rock/metal.
im looking at guitars such as the Schecter Damian or an Epiphone Les Paul.

Thanks in Advance ~
did you try different pick up positions?? tone knob maybe??
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An Epiphone LP would do the job nicely. Never played the schecter, so I can't compare. Not sure if it would do anything much, but try experimenting with all the controls on your RG, see if you can make it sound any better. I found I can make my strat sound good at both lead and rhythm with some tinkering.
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I suggest a Schecter, but not a Damien. Pick up a C-1 if you can.

But first, you should make sure it's not just the amp. Or your pick-ups. Could be quite a few other things.
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This is UG, we love Schecters and Ibanez and Jacksons, we hate Deans and BCR's, we hate Marshall MG's, and everyone needs a new amp.
If your price range is high enough, I suggest the Gibson SG Standard. Great guitar, a lot of people say it's not good for metal, but IMO...it is. I play a lot of Slayer, Manson, SlipKnoT, Metallica and I throw in some Blues every once in a while...I mean, the guitar can do it all, and if you have the opportunity to play it, check it out. Especially if you get a chance to plug it into a Peavey 6505.
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I suggest a Schecter, but not a Damien. Pick up a C-1 if you can.

But first, you should make sure it's not just the amp. Or your pick-ups. Could be quite a few other things.

yeah? whats the difference? the pickups?

the guitar itself is under 6 months old, so its probably not them, but that being said, they are getting slightly rusty..
To save buying a new guitar, replace one of the pickups. Get a seymour duncan or something.

Rusty? After 6 months???
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It's your pickups, or amp.

Or rather, lack of an amp.

TS, don't waste your money on pickups, or another guitar - the Pocket Pod is a cheap piece of kit designed to give you decent sounds through headphones, it's never going to sound amazing.

Any other guitar is going to sound exactly the same....you need to buy an amp, not a guitar.
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The main riff of the song? Or the chorus rhythm?

If it's the main riff, it may be the way you're picking, how you palm mute, lack of amp/distortion or you're taking the song too fast or your fingers haven't developed enough strength to hold down all 3 strings for the power chord.