Hey guys, I was wondering if there was any effect pedal for guitar that can produce an 8-bit sound, like from old school NES, Atari kinda sound. Either that or if any combination of pedals can get that sound.
Hope someone can help me!
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I believe they exist I know you can get computer effect plug-ins called bitcrusher and such but don't know if it exists in compact pedal form.
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Wow, The Legend Of Fuzz pedal?
Quite possibly the most badass looking pedal I've ever seen lol
And you're right they do both sound awesome.
I'm gonna see if I can get my hands on it.

Yea, before I posted this thread on here, I found that myself also.
But I was looking for it in a pedal form so I didn't really look into it.
Yeah, All of Devi's stuff is pretty awesome, though as of right now is pretty much just a bunch of fuzz pedals,, something like 15 of em. I just got the aenima, but the Hyperion and the Cherry Pop have caught my eye too. I like the sound of the Bit too, but I don't think I'd have a practical application for it.
EDIT: Scratch that, more like 30 different fuzz pedals.
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I found the MXR Blue Box to do the job. It's only $70 at Guitar Center and it's by MXR...
Cheap: Blue Box or Bit/Legend of Fuzz
Expensive: WMD Geiger Counter
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