first off, sorry if this is the wrong forum for this, couldn't find anywhere better to put it.

I'm playing glasgow kiss by john petrucci for my music HSC (end of school exam things) performance and ive been having a bit of trouble getting a tone to sound similar to his smooth lead tone on the track. Never been great at finding decent tone .

I'm playing through a cube 60, and at the moment using an epiphone sg, hoping to improve on that sometime soon. I use the neck pickup with moderate delay (cube effects), fairly high bass and mids and treble somewhere in the middle.

Any suggestions on how to improve my tone for this would be awesome
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Well since petrucci's gear cost as much as a house it might be kind of hard, try lowering the bass a little.
use the recto (r-fier?) model, most likely. though for the lead, maybe the metal stack setting would be better? maybe even classic stack. to get it more smooth, turn up the mids and down the treble.
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