any dog owners have any experience in your dog chewing your precious guitar? I want to get a dog, but I don't want my guitar chewed up.
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I'm not so sure the dog would try to chew on something as big as your guitar, but you could always get the dog a chew toy, so it'll have something to chew on.
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never happened to me... dont leave you guitars out all the time would be my advice.
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My dog has never gone near my guitars, I think he may have sniffed at them once, realised he couldn't eat them and walked off. Just keep your guitars in a room that you don't let the dog in.
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My dog never has, and unless you have a really pissed off dog I doubt he would. Guitars are too big for dogs to just chew up. The only thing I have to worry about is my dog peeing on it since he loves to pee on stuff in the house.
My dog is scared to death of guitars. So, she won't go near it. The only thing I really ever worry about is that she'll pee on my ME-50, but she's never peed on anything besides the floor and clothing.
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My parents' dachshund loves to listen to people playing, especially the banjo.

He comes to sleep next to whoever is playing, just sniffs the guitars, doesn't touch them.

Just don't leave them lying on the floor and they'll be fine.
It will chew on your pics.... don't leave them lying about for the dogs.

or you'll just have a very awesome looking albeit saliva-encrusted pick.

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i keep my guitars upstairs (my dog isnt allowed upstairs), but he doesnt like them, probably because of the time i strummed a chord on my acoustic when he was sniffing it

He likes it when i play the piano though, and regularly sits under my piano stool when I go to practice.
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Get a dog with sensitive ears, and if it goes near the guitar, play some high notes.
My dog used to actually start howling when I played high notes, it was really funny.
He doesn't do it anymore though =\
Now he just kinda stares at me...