So I got this Framus Dragon straight 4x12 cab off eBay a while back
and found out that the previous owner screwed around with the wiring.

He took the stereo/mono switch and disabled it by clipping the wires coming off the switch going to the two jacks....took out the other jack, and finally wired the speakers to just that one jack....bam 8ohms, simplicity at its finest right?

Well, now this hacking is causing the cab to have an intermittent problem with the volume/signal coming out of it. I checked the solder joint at the jack, and the speakers, all fine and since the speakers work fine 90% of the time and the (crackling, lowered volume) isn't constant, I'm guessing the speakers aren't blown.

Could there be something wrong with the wires (corrosion) that is causing this?

Anyone know where to get a replacement wiring harness and jack plate for this cab?

(Dana B Goods, CA no longer distributes Framus)

Or in that case any replacement wiring of comparable quality suggestions?
(Does the wiring really make a difference in sound)?

Thanks for the help guys/gals!!

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go to ebay and look at these.



order it take out the old one and then take the wires from this and connect them to the top to speakers, dont touch the bottom speakers and the wiring from the bottom to top.

very easy.

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