head over here to check out the songs that blend hard rock, melody, metal, harmonies, and even death metal!

I'm impressed with the quality and clearness of your recordings. The first thing I noticed was your vocalist. Your vocalist has a great voice and is very articulate. The guitars, bass, and drums are solid but I see progressive as one of your genre tags but it doesn't really show through in your music. This is my personal opinion and you guys are more than welcome to disregard it because in the end this is your music not mine. A lot of my favorite bands are progressive so I naturally enjoy that progressive element but ultimately you guys aren't writing your music to tailor to me but to a larger overall audience and that's where I see a ton of potential for you guys. You have that hard rock/metal sound perfected and that 's your guys' game. I think I've incoherently rambled on long enough. Bottom line: Although you're sound isn't my main listening preference, I dig your songs and I respect what you're doing.
u guys are really good, and how do u record so everything so well? that is if u dont have a studio and ****
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