-Rush Limbaugh

With Obama we started out, we couldn't talk about his big ears 'cause that made him nervous, and when he gets nervous he can't read the teleprompter.

We've gone from that to this: Not only can we not mention his ears...

We can't talk about his mother.

We can't talk about his father.

We can't talk about his grandmother unless he does, and brings her up as a "typical white person."

We can't talk about his wife,
(If by "my wife" he means the shrill, dumb, trash-talking, bitter American hating female race hustler he might live with on his days off.)

We can't talk about his preacher (If by "my preacher" he means that blustering, conniving, ranting, spuming America-hating American-made millionaire that's spent decades ripping off the poor and credulous people of his parish.)

We can't talk about his terrorist friends, (If by "terrorists" you mean any of the bomb-making, baby-killing, homicidal religious maniacs in Gaza, Lebanon, or Iran with 'legitimate grievances.'")

We can't talk about his voting record (If by "voting record" you mean a record so vacant of actual positions, actual yes or no votes, that it would be a discussion that takes less time to sum up than this sentence takes to read.)

We can't talk about his religion, (If by his religion you mean a set of "theological" assumptions and rhetorical crapola that only the dead would think had the least thing to do with Christianity, and a lot to do with personal enrichment and power.).

We can't talk about appeasement because only Obama knows how to talk to troublemakers which is why crime in his home-base around Chicago is now nonexistent.

We can't talk about color; we can't talk about lack of color, because in the realm of the rainbow there is no color, only the clear blinding light of his innate radiance.

We can't talk about race because, well, really Obama has no race except when he does, and that's not for us to say, only Obama, only late at night, and only when meeting with white people, black people, or muslims privately at which time, like the Grand Chameleon, Obama assumes whatever race best suits his needs.

We can't talk about the bombers and mobsters who are his friends. They might still hold a mortgage and they certainly hold his markers. Besides Bill Ayers feels he still "hasn't done enough" and may have a bomb with your home address on it.

We can't talk about his schooling because he's proved "too cool for school."

We can't talk about his name, "Hussein."

"What did you say?"

"I said, we can't say 'Hussai.....'" BLAM!

We can't talk about his lack of experience in everything except a cult of personality that fits in better with the Politburo than with the Congress.

We can't talk about his income. Or his wife's income. Or their joint income. Or what might be left over in their campaign coffers when his fleecing of the rich, the white, the young, and the guilty is complete.

We can't talk about his flag pin and sing, "First there is no mountain, than there is a mountain, then there...."

We can't talk about his ignorance of American geography because he's tired.

We can't talk about his ignorance of recent American history because he's weary.

Above all, we can't say that he is a liberal, but it is still okay to say, for at least 48 hours more, that he's like JFK with a tan and stick-out ears. (Strike that last thing about the ears because, remember....)

It started out we just couldn't talk about his ears.

Now we can't say anything about him.

So just shut up.