I'm not sure if this is supposed to be in here, but I saw an Elvis Costello thread that wasn't closed so i'm assuming this fits better here than anywhere else.

So any fans of Nick Lowe here then? I'm assuming if we've got any Stiff Records or Radar Records fans they'll at least heard of him. Underrated by a long while next to Costello but brilliant none the less.

Here's a video of him and his backing band Rockpile doing 'So It Goes' from the album 'Jesus of Cool'.

rites of nothing.
I love the sound of breaking glass
Especially when I'm lonely.

Jesus of Cool is back in print and all is right with the world!

The fact that it wasn't was a HUGE injustice.

He's one of my favorite popsters
I have Jesus of Cool (although my copy is called "Pure Pop for Now People" and the songs are in a different order ). It's pretty good. I should listen it more.
You've somehow got the American version then, 'cause they weren't allowed to call it Jesus of Cool in America so they called it 'Pure Pop...'.
rites of nothing.
i couldn't resist the cover or the album name so i picked it up yesterday. i really regret not hearing this stuff until now.