i was just watching star wars the other night... so i wanna know if theres a star wars game for pc where you can fly a millenium falcon or somethin and blast imperial ships or go into hyperspace and out run them or something. anything like this would be fun

sorry im such a noob
All i can say is "Knights Of The Old Republic" is an awesome game but no you can't do what you wanted sorry
Hmmm there was the old Jedi starfighter and starwars starfighter games, they came out for PS2, dunno about PC. They were great games.
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rouge squadron is an old but great game
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Star Wars Battlefront 2, awesome game, you can be on land/foot or in space in ships
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KoToR definetly rules but no there are no games where you can do that
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Star Wars Battlefront 2, awesome game, you can be on land/foot or in space in ships

Oh yeah i forgot about that game, that's awesome
I'd suggest Rogue Squadron, but I don't know it it's for PC. Battlefront 2 is another option.
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There are some old ones out there. Try Tie Fighter, X-Wing, and X-wing vs. Tie Fighter. They are a blast, but like I said, old.
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I'd suggest Rogue Squadron, but I don't know it it's for PC.

Oh, it is. Wasn't there a sequel?
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erm, there are some, Star Wars X-wing Alliance is a good one. its old though, and you're gona need a joystick
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x-Wing vs. Tie Fighter (actually two different games) they are older games for the PC (you will need DOSBox for them and I doubt they will work on Vista at all) but you should be able to DL them somewhere. And yeah you need a joystick to play well.
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well start wars battlefront 3 will be coming out sooner - like a year I think. maybe there's something there
In Star Wars Galaxies you can get a YT-3000 which is the model of the Millenium Falcon and do missions for Rebels/Imperials/Smugglers that involve shooting really big Rebel/Imperial/Smuggler ship, escorting ships and etc.

Lots of ships to chose from and you can modify them with laser, missiles, engines, boosters, sheilds etc.

And if you grow tired of flying all the time you could always do the classic MMO style down on a planet.

It's a great game.
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Well I have next to no knowledge here.. All I can say is you can fly ships on Battlefront two.. And it's an awesome game.. I don't even like star wars but I love the game.