hey, does anyone have a high res fender logo? like the only ones i can find on google images are like 400x400 and when u blow it up to A4 size, its all pixelated

the reason i need it is because im making a stencil and i need a decent logo that wont pixelate when i blow it up to A4 size

im looking for this style of logo

thanks guys
Why dont you just edit the picture ichi gave you? if you're making a stencil, is it really going to matter?
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you could download inkscape and make a vector of the image and then scale it up to whatever size you want.

it's free. google it.

there's a site to make vectors aswell but I can't remember it, you upload an image and it makes a vector image, then with inscape you can export it to whatever size .jpg you need.


that isn't the site I remember but it does the same thing.
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if you're making a stencil, surely you're going to cut it out so it doesn't matter if it's pixelated?

and you could always just download the Fender logo, that'll go as big as you want
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sorry for the size, it's what you wanted though?

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