Ok so I've been playing guitar for about 7 years now and eventually I felt the need to hit some squeals so I would sit and practice them for hours a day until I finally figured it out. Well every thread I see about pinch harmonics says that "proper technique" is to hold the pick so that the thumb hits that string after it's picked to produce that squeal sound. When I hit harmonics I don't do that but I still get the same sounds, basically I'll pick the string and have my finger positioned (not sure how since I've been doing it so long) so that the harmonic sounds and I can vibrato it and all that. I'm able to hit both natural and pinch harmonics at will but is this just bad technique or is this just another players preference type thing? now that i've thought about it a little more...just having the finger resting on the string to make the harmonic sound would make it a natural harmonic right? but then when i bend or vibrato would that still make it a natural or artificial? this makes me feel like a noob now.
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