Hey guys, been a while since I posted some of my more recent material.

This song is very stripped down guitar orientated metal song(whereas all my other more recent songs are very orchestra orientated). Tell me what you think.
C4C as always

Fragile V.2.zip
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Okay, I'm listening to it now.
I like the rhythm parts a lot, but the leads do nothing for me. They bounce back on a single note a lot, and it bothers me.
The drums are pretty sweet, they remind a far bit of Dragonforce's drums (don't take that as an insult), very power metally :]
I'm a fan of heavier metal than this but this was pretty sweet, the only thing that I didn't really like was the lead.
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Okay, first let me say that I'm not quite a fan of this genre of music. Now that that's out of the way, on with the crit.

Intro was a bit blah, I'm not too fond of the lead. Verse was better, I liked the drums there. The lead at 50 was fun, though I wished it was developed and varied a bit more . By the chorus at 94, it had become a problem of its own, actually. Again, variation in the dual solo wouldn't hurt . By the final chorus, the lead had become quite bland and repetitive ...

All in all, nothing actually stood out for me, and to be perfectly honest, it sounds a bit generic. Now that's not a problem for me, the problem was with your leads. It didn't gave off any strong melodies - it didn't gave off any melodies, in fact. You have quite a good song structure, the ideas were present, but your lead parts were weak (and for a song like this a bad lead is really bad, considering that's one of the main factor distinguishing a good song from those medio-core (lol) music). Or those might be because I'm delusional and not a fan of the genre. You choose which one it is .

EDITERNITY: oh crud, I forgot, you also need that one thing that makes a song 10 times better: bass!!! I'm guessing with the presence of bass, I'd enjoy this A LOT more, and this crit might be totally different. Most likely not, though .
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Thanks for the crit!

Overall this is definitely a solid song. The intro and verse riffs were pretty high energy, but after awhile they got repetitive. Maybe if somewhere you threw a small lead, or possibly some harmonization? And, the transition at bar 9 was a bit weak, I'd advise adding a drum fill in there, as the change was a bit sudden, as was the transition at bars 49 to 50.

The chorus is excellent, nice and melodic and epic. I though the solo was good, although it didn't really seem to reach that "high point". The ending chorus I though went on maybe a bit too long, but I'm sure with vocals that wouldn't really be a problem.

There's not really much wrong here besides the odd transition, though, so good job.