sorry im not sure if i should put this in here or customization but i was just curious if there is a tool i need to buy to get these babys off , i have one that isnt on in the right spot so its off from the other tone knob and i really dont want to hurt my guitar messing with it , any suggestions?
lol well dont let the name fool you , i have an american strat , bout 1000$ on sale so i really would rather not shake it loose haha
You should be able to just pull them off.

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ive tried using a little force to just pull it off but it doesnt really feel like it wants to give , cmon seriously they have to make a tool for this right? anyone? , id rather not risk damaging anything
Look if you can find a screwhole on the side of the knob, unscrew it and pull it out.
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use a spoon to gently lever the knob up and off, working around the knob bit by bit. put a soft cloth between the guitar body and the spoon to avoid marking the body.

don't force it.
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If they are regular plastic knobs they just pop off. Sometimes they dont want to come off so easy. If they are metal or you see a little screw hole in the side then they use a set screw. There are many methods, socks, spoons, knives etc for getting the presson ones off. But this tool works best.
Just give it a good enough tug and they should pop right off.

some even make a little comical "pop" noise.