My band need a vocalist to complete our lineup, aged 16+ ideally
A sample clip can be found here Apex of Extinction
We are looking for vocals (clean and dirty) similar to Scar Symmetry, Periphery, Through the Eyes of the Dead, Sylosis, Machine Head
No metalcore screaming or pigsquealing, we need a low to mid-range roar and good clean vocals, but the majority of the vocals will be dirty
The band practice regularly in Uxbridge and occasionally at Loz Vegas Studios in Perivale and we've already had a few gigs so we're looking to get a vocalist in, get the parts sorted and hit some more gigs. We hope to hit the studio by autumn and have a mini-album out by xmas
100% commitment essential

Contact me here, through a pm or through the band myspace

- Stefan
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Not a singer -sorry, but you guys are really good. I'd buy your album!
For sale
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PM For info!

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