I was going to buy a new guitar but I decided to upgrade my guitar instead and I have never done that before and I don't know about everything that goes into it. I have a Peavey Predator and I know I want to replace the neck ( havent found a good site for necks cause everyone I found were for strat.). And I know for pickups I want to use Seymour Duncan singles AS-1. What else is there to replace? And you know any sites where to get a good neck? My final question is there a way to re- do the finish on the body? Its a bright toy car red and I wanting a darker red. Thanks for any help.
before upgrading, be sure your guitar's wood is good. i wouldn't bother upgrading a guitar with an agathis body. and doesn't the Predator have humbuckers? and you're going to replace it with singles?
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It has humbuckers with no pickguard so I don't know how you're going to put single coils in it.

What you upgrade depends upon how much you have to spend, you could look at changing the tuners, the bridge, the electronics but if you do all this as well as change the neck then you might as well buy a different guitar.

It is pretty much impossible to change the colour especially if you've never done it before, and even if you get a luthier to do it for you it will probably cost more than the guitar is worth.

If you're still set on upgrading it, Warmoth (Link) has a really good selection of bodies and necks that I've heard are pretty high quality, it also has other parts like the ones I mentioned above.

And I agree that you should check what the wood is because this plays a big part in the guitar's overall tone, and if it's crap wood you'll never get a decent sound out of it no matter what you upgrade.

Hope this helps.
I can almost guarantee that the price of a new neck would be worth more than the value of your guitar.
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One of my friends (Trigger) once said. I've had the same broom for 25 years. It's had 10 new heads and 7 new handles.
This sounds like this may apply in your case. Sounds like you may aswell get a new guitar if You're going to upgrade your whole guitar and replace it all.