i have been looking at these axl guitars for some time now and i can get one, but are they any good or will they simply die after like a year?

anyone with experience or knowledge with axl guitars?
^ listen to him.
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If it looks too good to be true it probably is, if you're buying a Badwater series no doubt much of the cost will go to the finish.
I agree. a lot of detail goes into the finish instead of the sound or playability.

I'd suggest in investing in something a little more cost effective.
Has anyone here bothered actually playing one as opposed to making assumptions simply based on appearances and cost?
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I'd love to get my hands on one but haven't had the opportunity. Honestly, my cheapest POS, plywood Series 10 purchased over 20 years ago served me well for a solid 5 years before upgrading. The fear that a guitar is suddenly going to crumble in your hands is pretty ridiculous and the affordable guitars today are way, way better than what I was subjected to back in the day. A cheap nut may break or a solder connection may come loose but that's about it. I'm not saying this will happen on this guitar, just those are the commen things that break on budget instruments.
My ex-best friend had one,he got rid of it and got a £150 BC Rich,he regretted it.

That's all I can remember about it.
im pretty sure guitar world did a review of the guitar...try searching for a video on youtube maybe?
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I own one of these things it was my first guitar, very very good for a start up guitar nothings fallen off of mine nd ive had it three years, sounds alot like a strat but i wouldnt buy one if you want to move up guitar wise, its only really a good starting guitar not something to aspire to get.


There ya go.

It's also interesting to note that his only complaint on the video (the Axl badge on the headstock) had been remedied on the last few Badwater guitars I've seen. Seems like Axl was listening because the last few Badwater series guitars had the Axl logo branded onto the headstock instead of that oddly shiny, new looking badge.

Sounds fine to me... Been seriously considering picking one of these up, especially since they're only around $150-$199.
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Once in a blue moon, God reaches down from his lofty perch, points at an infant boy and proclaims, "This one shall have balls carved out of fucking granite."
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One of my friend's has the Mayhem Clutch, and it's not a bad starter guitar. I don't like the way the body is styled (The upper horn is really thick) but other than that, it's not half bad.

The trem isn't much. I did a few dive bombs and it was out of tune, but what do you expect from a 200$ guitar?

I actually set his up for him, and was able to get rid of all the fret buzz. I don't know if it was there originally, seeing as how my friend had been tinkering with it for a week before he came to my house with it. I'm surprised it survived his "experimental tweaking" but it did. I'm not surprised because the guitar is bad, I'm surprised because of how bad he had it fucked up when I got a hold of it. The strings were tuned an octave high, and the trem was being wrenched out of it's cavity.

Anyways, I fixed it, and it works for him. Stays in tune decently, about like a 200$ market guitar should.
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