Should i laquer the body or just leave the paint????Also, how is the Seymour Duncan JB??
What have you painted it with?

I've only used coloured laquer before but maybe you should put a clear coat on top.
I didn't clear mine. I read that EVH didn't clear his.If you want your paint job to look nice and shiny then clear it. But you want the the paint to look beat up.Are you going to put all the scratches and dings and wear marks like the original?
JBs are great in the right guitar. sometimes it's too harsh for some guitars.
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Tom morello burned his paint off. That works pretty well.
Hairspray+lighter, use a razorblade to get the stubborn bits off.
I did it on a squier which I turned to an HSS frankenstrat for a friend.
I used a coat of nitrocellulose with a tinge of black latex paint for the first color.
Spray paint for the next two.
Then an all around coat of clear nitro for the last.

Anyway, SD's aren't best for EVH stuff.
EVH used a PAF pulled for a gibson ES-335.
Closest pickups I've used to real vintage PAFs is actually the GFS Vintage 59.
Also, make sure you attach it straight to the body, no mounting ring, no pickguard, if you wanna be just like EVH.
But what I did for my friend was just the paint job and A GFS prewired HSS pickguard, and put in a floyd rose fastloader from guitarfetish.

It turned out one premium axe.
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