Hey guys if you played cs:s but then quit, do you mind donating your steam account for my brother? I know I sound like an arrogant bastard but they don't sell it in shops anymore, and I can get it him for his birthday cause I'm not allowed to shop online.

Please let me know if you're willing to donate your old account

I'm gonna get flamed for sounding like a stealing kid to prove I'm not stealing, my steam ID is dudeinmud. you can see I already play cs:s :P
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I see copies of CS:S in Wal-mart all the time...

We don't have that in england
you can sign up for steam and buy it as a download... if you use steam you must know that by now.. thats how i got Day of defeat Source on top of my half life 2 + counterstrike source package
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Can you buy it at a ridiculously high overinflated price? Of course

Gamestation, Game, Asda and Tesco all stock it. You're pretty crap at searching.
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There's a littel fun thing called "Counter Strike:1 Anthology". It's in most game shops, it includes CS and some other fun games.
I saw CS:S in Game.

Look in Game or Gamestation.

Also, you can download it from the steam website.

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We don't have that in england

Asda is wal-mart here, try one of the bigger Asda stores?
Otherwise ask in game station or something if they can order a copy in for you, theyre usualy pretty helpful.
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I seriously can't find it in any major supermarkets in my area. I'm not allowed to buy online
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I seriously can't find it in any major supermarkets in my area. I'm not allowed to buy online

Try going to a gaming store then?

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Try going to a gaming store then?

Do you really think I didn't already try that? The clerks said we can only get it online now.
If you can't shop online, get your parents to do it. I'm sure they wom't wimd as long as you give them the money. Unless they are nazis who prohibit the use of technology.
It comes with Half Life 2.
I severely hope you didn't buy CS by itself.
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