I have a 1982 Musicman 112RD50. The reverb never worked when I got it. It made noise if I tapped it but I never got a wet sound from the guitar signal. Last week I took it out and found it had a broken spring, so I ordered a new one from accutronics. The specs are the stock reverb specs, same as the broken one from before. I got it this morning, hooked it up... same problem. If I tap it I get the spring noise, but there is no reverb in the guitar signal.

So... what's wrong and how do I fix it? Everything else on the amp works fine, it's in excellent condition except for the non-working reverb.

And don't tell me to buy a pedal (or get a new tank, since that's what I did)...
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accutronics the best! try reversing the wires to the tank

edit: if still it doesnt work it may be circuitry and it could be difficult to fix
Actually i have the same problem with the Randall. If i shake it i get the spring noise but the reverb doesn't turn on.
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Is it a tube driven reverb> Check the tube if so. If not, could be anything...burned caps, cold solder; etc

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