Well as my brother was walking out of guitar lesson today, he somehow forgot to do up all the clasps on his hardcase, and as he walked out, his guitar faceplanted into the concrete ground. The only area of severe damage is where your strumming arm rests against the edge of the body. Here are some really bad pics.

It's almost like the flamed top has popped up a bit or something. It's really hard to explain with words.

Anyway, the only way I can see of fixing it is to sand the problem area down until it's smooth.

Are there any other ways of fixing it?


P.S. The guitar still works fine, but it hurts your arm when you strum. Sanding isn't too much of a big deal, but I just want to explore all the options.
yeah i would just sand it until its smooth there really isnt much else you can do
except maybe glue it but i dont know how well that would work and you would still need to sand it after you glue it so its your call
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