I just bought a new Am. Stnd. strat. Everything about it is great except for the tone i get on the G string. Every time i play a chord with the g string open, that one note sticks out more than the rest. How would i fix this? My guess would be to get a lighter gauge string or to adjust the pickup height just for that string but i dont know how to do that on a strat.
new strings should help a lot
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Check the nut. There might be something different about the G string up there. And, of course, if you still have stock strings on it, change them.

Hint: stock strings suck.

^^not always. I bought my jackson flying v, and it came with elixers. . . However, the strings on my gretch sucked. . . Yeah, get some new strings.
Wait, since when have stock strings sucked? I still have all my stock strings on my Squier (Except the high E string, it snapped while playing the intro to And Justice For All. Wasn't even using it at the time xD)