I found it pretty interesting at least. He gets a great tone out of it. It still sounds exactly like him. I really love the mellow sound he gets the second time he plays.. I dig that neck humbucker sound.

So from now on, every question with "What pickups should I get to sound more like SRV?" the answer should be "Learn how to play better and use what you have."
SRV was a badass; best guitarist ever in my eyes. Cool video I've never seen it before.
Sure the playing still sounds like SRV but the tone he is getting is not the signature SRV tone.

Check out these 3 vids. These are 3 very different guitars with very different pickups but they all have that scooped mids loose bass cutting highs that SRV is known for. That flying V is all midrange and doesn't have the tone that I think of when I think SRV. Compair them yourself. You will hear the difference.


For what it's worth I just did a blind test with my wife (who doesn't listen to SRV). I played here a bit of all the clips I posted and the original clip in the thread. I asked her which if she thought they all sounded like the same guy and she said they all sounded very different but all of them sounded like the same musician exept "the last one" which was the one with the flying V. So in a blind test other tone junkies can still spot the difference. It's not just me.
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Yes, the Flying V still sounds different, but you can still tell that it's SRV.

I think it should be quite obvious that the actual guitar (not counting electronics, just the guitar itself) is one of the least important factors in your tone.

First and foremost, it's the way you play. Followed by the amp settings, and actual pickups. From there, it's in the guitar.
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Yes, the Flying V still sounds different, but you can still tell that it's SRV.

People that listen to SRV and know his style can tell (or we at least fool ourselves into thinking we can tell), but people that don't know his playing style can't tell it's him anymore. My wife thought it was a different guy playing because the tone was that different.
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