I must say that I thought that there was no way a 212 combo clould ever sound as good as my closed back 412 cab, or a even closed 212 cab, boy was I wrong. I recently picked up a Peavey triple xxx 212 open back combo and I love it, compared to my 412 cab. Typically we have to keep stage noise as low as posible mainly to protect our hearing, and with the 412 cab I would have to stand right in line with it to be able to hear my amp. Now with the open back 212 cab no matter where I stand I hear my amp, sure there is a sweet spot with it as well, but I am not limited to only standing in the sweet spot to be heard like with the 412 cab. I happy to say that I am more than impressed. This not my first combo, but I been using the 412 for about a year now I forgot how nice a combo fills 360 degrees of the stage. I know people say that a 412 has more bass, but I last night I turned up my XXX and had enough low end to thump your chest, plus I don't play bass, I play guitar, I don't need that much bass. Personally my mind has been Changed completly, NO one NEEDS a half stack, peroid, if you want one go a head and get one, all I am saying is that no one really needs one.
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