....like if your lookin at someone elses desktop can they tell if you're logged in lookin at it? or were looking at it?

i went in to someone's here at work by accident (cos i had the wrong IP) and i'm just wondering if i'm going to get a bollocking?
it will probably be logged somewhere, the user prob wotn beable to tell but the sys admin will. if they question it just say it was an accident.
eh that's the problem cos it was the system admins that i logged in to!!

he must have logged into his when doin somethin to mine and his IP was left in the field!!
i'm sure that as long as you didnt do anything to alter anything of any kind they shouldn't throw a major hissy, just tell you to be more careful next time. wouldn't worry about it imo
You should be fine. Most VNC viewers have some form of logging, but I doubt anyone would check it. It's usually saved on the PC that you remoted into.
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