I gotta buy new RAM to my laptop. But, I dunno what kind of RAM to buy. I know it's DDR2, and 200-pin but not more than that... soo, what kind of RAM should i buy to my computer? Need 2 1gb.

I have this computer ( or at least a similar one)

Would one of these RAM's fit?:


Would really appreciate help!
You say DDR2 and you say 200-pin, which means that only DDR2 and 200-pin RAM will fit. You practically answer your own question.
yeah they would work but they are all the same amount of ram that you already have and its harder to put ram in your laptop because you need everything to be parallel so you have to get 2 things of ram for your computer instead of one
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yeah but he needs to know the MHz for the ram for it to work properly. Check your motherboard for the correct MHz on the RAM it takes.
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Not always, good makes such as kingston and corsair do. But makes like OCZ just break. Infact OCZ just break all the time (I work for a large online computer retailer in the returns/technical department so I do know these things)