My friend has about 600 bucks to split between an amp and a guitar,and hes just starting.I have a line 6 spider,and i think i can do better for him.Would a Valvetronix be the way to go,or is there some other amp?

He's not really sure what he likes to play yet,but i play bluesy acdc-aerosmith style rock,and he likes that...

What would you recomend?For his guitar he wants an sg from epiphone.
i have an sg epiphone. its a really good starter guitar. make sure he gets a good one and not some crappy starter pack one. any instrument dealer will point u in the right direction.

as for amps a good starter amp is any 30 watt vox tube amp. many effects with tube power. they go for about $200-$300.
What sort of music does he play at the moment? Generally we consider the Line 6 spider and marshall MG to be big no nos.
If he wants versatility at the cost of tone, the Vox can provide that, but I personally think the Roland cube series can do it better. If you can get an Epi SG for ~300 take it. A real SG, not an SG special. I had a les paul special II as my starter guitar and I have to say it wasn't that bad, so I can't say the SG would be much worse.

To the above guy: The vox valvetronix is NOT a tube amp. It's a hybrid, which means that it has a single tube operating in its circuitry. They say this makes a difference in the sound, I don't really think so.
He might want to think about going the Blackheart route, but the Valvetronix will be much better and more versatile if he's still undecided as to what he wants to play.

He might also want to think about a Fender Vibro Champ, it's essentially the bastard child of a Valvetronix and a Blackheart/ Valve Jr. Same price as a VJ Halfstack, as well.
I think Epi VJ + a EQ would be a great starter amp.
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