I'm new to the site (and the guitar) so I don't know a whole lot about it. I'm Learning player and hope that I can play metal in the near future.

When I learn enough, I will look into these brands:

Gibson (maybe)
BC Rich (maybe)
Dean (maybe)
Well till then good luck and i hope you'll get to that stage one day

EDIT: oh and welcome
you shuld look at :
jackson and esp

Fender isnt really a good metal guitar but Gibson and the others are fine
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Sup. Welcome to UG. We have a great selection of begginers' material here. You should check out our tabs. Since you're a begginer, look under "novice" tabs, and you'll be sure to find something you can play. A lot of begginers like to search for "Misc" in the tabs browser, that usually yeilds easy songs like "Happy Birthday", and "Jingle Bells". In any case, your on the winning team here at UG when it comes to learning guitar. Use all our forums all you like, (but eh....just stay out of the pit....it kills babies) and if I could, I recomend going over to guitar and bass basics, the begginer's forum. Welcome again.

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Quote by sexothemonkee
you shuld look at :
jackson and esp

Fender isnt really a good metal guitar but Gibson and the others are fine

I'll think about it.
Well, if you're going for metal...

Ibanez- From my personal experience, this is a great metal guitar. It gives you the nice low ends that you'd want for metal, and they are usually very playable.
Fender- More of a blues/classic rock guitar, but could work for some metal (like hair metal).
Gibson (maybe)- More for blues and classic rock; Not really for metal.
BC Rich (maybe)- These things have the metal look, but not the quality. These are alright, but for the same price, you could get another guitar that's higher quality. I'm not saying that B.C. Rich's aren't good, it's just that for the price you could do better.
Dean (maybe)- Stay away from the budget Dean guitars; They aren't that great (Such as the VX, ZX, MLX). The better Dean guitars are higher priced, but like with B.C. Rich's, you could do better for the same price.
Schecter- I have never played one of these, but they seem like nice guitars. Their necks are a little wide, though.

Anyway, welcome to UG. This site really has everything you need (Which is why you probably signed up). If you are going to use the forums a lot, I'd stay away from The Pit and browse the other forums to see what a sensible post looks like.

Anyway, have fun!
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