I've got some room to do some upgrading in my budget but I'm not sure which to do. I currently have a Carvin X100B with Groove Tubes El34s and 12ax7s, a Marshall AVT 200w 412 cab
I could spend $334 to get a 120w avatar 212 cab with celestion vintage 30s. Effectively making a great tone and getting rid of my old muddy Marshall and using the sale of it to do more mods
Or I could spend $200 right now on a new overdrive and retube the amp with 6l6gcs in the power section. It has a bias switch on it so you can do this mod. At the same time I could save for the cab.

Either way both will be done inside a month. What do you think, better cab first or od and tubes first?
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I'd say sell the marshall cab and get an avatar.
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also another side thought...
i was looking at overdrives and for $45, i could get either a Boss SD-1 or a Digitech Bad Monkey. I was also looking at building a modded Tube Screamer for $62. Does anyone recomend any of these?
Out here you've gotta know where your towel is!