"Your computer is infected!"

On my bottom right toolbar, there is an icon that is a triangle with an exclamation mark in it that keeps popping up a huge window saying "your computer is infected, windows has detected spyware infection"

I have active Avg 8.0, Spybot S+D, Ad-Aware and CCleaner checks throughout the week. My computer is fine except for this damn trojan that keeps popping up, the one mentioned above. My friend got rid of it before by going to CTRL+ALT+DEL - Processes- and deleting a process known as "Jusched". It went away for 2 days, but came back, and there is no "Jusched" anymore. Anyone know how i can get rid of it? I've also ran spybot and ad-aware in safe mode, but they didnt find it.
take your PC into a specialist.

and a word of advice:
dont go on so many porn websites anymore.
Quote by ginjaninja
take your PC into a specialist.

and a word of advice:
dont go on so many porn websites anymore.

pretty much.
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try rebooting in safe mode, then run avg and spybot s and d, then restart and there should be no problem.
I had many problems solved that way
hope that helps
Actually, 1 in every 1000 sites have a trojan or virus on it. I can usually get rid of them no problem, however this one refuses to go away. And if it does, for not very long

Why the hell would I see a PC specialist for 1 trojan? That's retarded, im sure someone has an answer online

Edit: I've already ran Spybot and Ad-Aware in safe mode (avg doesnt work properly in safe mode), but that didn't fix it
1st off get rid of AVG...worst virus protection right behind McCaffee...I am assuming that you are running XP? "Jusched" is for a java update not a virus. You can turn that off w/in the control panel from the JAVA Control Panel. You have something else going on.

Boot into safe mode after downloading and installing Hi-Jackthis, Ad-Aware, Spybot and Spysweeper. (Make sure to update them)

After booting into safe mode and logging in as admin run the 3 apps (Ad-Aware, Spybot and Spysweeper.) and see what it finds.....

Also run msconfig and look at what loads when the computer boots and list those also...or screen shot..

Also before booting into safe mode run Hi-Jackthis and post the log.

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dont bring it in to a specialist, thats f'ing stupid. Its a common problem. Obviously its spyware, so you need antispyware.

No spyware program gets all spyware, so download spybot, adaware, and more if you want to be extra-sure. Check out this site. http://www.techsupportalert.com/best-free-adware-spyware-scumware-remover.htm.

Make sure they are fully updated and everything, and then reboot your computer, and before it starts up. disconnect your internet by unplugging the cable or whatever. Do scans with all the programs you get while the internet is off, and when they are done, reboot your computer and, if you want you can scan again to make sure, but you should be able to reconnect your internet, and they should be gone.
If that doesnt work, i can show you a few good commercial spyware programs that work better, but they cost money
virus protection doesn't come free buddy.

go buy McAfee or something like that.
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I think this might be what I fixed for a friend. Open task manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc) > Go to Processes tab > Find explorer.exe. If it's got any capitals, it means it has been replaced.
AVG is one of the best anti-virus don't listen to that **** up, stick with AVG. But also download spyware doctor