Alright, so I have a debit card to activate and I need to call up (I've had it for 6 months and never known there was cash in that account until I got my statement the other week) to activate it. The thing is, I am ever so slightly phone-o-phobic because I don't know the person who is going to pick up. I know the first part is an automated response but the other part is actual humans. It wouldn't be so bad if I could actually see the person cause then I could actually look them in the eye and be confident, but over the phone it seems so much harder.

So yeah...Is anyone else ever so afraid of using phones when you don't know who is going to pick up on the other end?? Or does anyone have a way to get over my phobia?
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Just glue a fake moustache to your face and phone them up naked. It always helps me when I'm in that position..

No i call people all the time and give them account information.Just make sure you are calling the company.
Get a telesales job or be really good at being fake

I work for virgin mobile/media so people are always coming in to complain about their broadband and I have to speak to the call centre for them, you just have to say hi hows it going bla bla before they get a word in, the call will go much better...
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but anyway if you have a vocal fx pedal, use the cyborg setting so they are intimidated.
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I know what you mean... I hate calling anyone, even friends. I had to call Apple once about my iPod, and I just about **** myself, because they put you on hold for 4 hours, then suddenly scream into the phone "HELLO, this is Scott, how can I help you?".