So i saw them in May with Anti-Flag and thought it was amazing, got some of their old stuff and wasn't dissapointed. They just came out with the new album Come All You Madmen and I think it trumps all their other stuff. Anybody else a briggs fan?
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Yeah really good underrated band, i used to message the guys back and forth when they were 1st finding there feet, really nice guys too.
havet gotten there new album yet but i really enjoyed there 1st 3 albums 'numbers' being my favourite.
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they make horrible noises in the middle of the night (is it sex?)

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yea i jus sort of found them in the last year or so !!!!!!
bt so far theyre awsome nd ive got their old and new stuff !!
i went to see anti-flag as well in may bt they didnt support them !!!
i was dissapointed bt stiil it was an amazin gig !!!!!!