Hey, I was thinking of getting my guitar repainted because I don't like the colour of it. I don't know whether to do it myself (i've never tried before and I lack the tools to do it) or to take it to a professional.

Now, the trouble is, if I do it myself i'll need to buy the tools/paint/etc and even then I could mess it up. I have no idea how much this will cost and how easy it will be.

If I decide to take it to a professional how much do you think it'll cost? I just want the body to be painted. Maybe even get some kind of simple decal on there. I don't know of any guitar painters here in Bimingham so a little help would be awesome

Take it to a pro. If you still want to do it yourself, practice on some spare wood or something before painting the guitar.
Painting a guitar isn't difficult, if you are talking about a single, solid colour (which is probably a good idea first time out) - it's time consuming, and you need a lot of patience, but it's not hard.

Obviously if you want to do a fancy finish, it's gets harder the fancier you get.
Ok cool.

I can't really afford £215. I guess i'm gonna have to do it myself, it's not really a priority right now anyway though.

What you recommend as far a decals? Would I just need to make a paper stencil or something lol. I'm guessing that would be pretty messy.

By the way, I was thinking of painting my Yamaha from purple to solid white with a black design on it maybe.
For Decals I got some water slip inkjet decal paper from ebay - printed it with an inkjet, sprayed on several layers of laquer, then soaked them, and applied them - then sprayed over more laquer.

Cheap and effective.