i find the following solos orgasmic, so i was wondering if you guys can give me some more that are similar and i would probably love also. they dont neceseraily have to be by the same bands (they can be though) but bands that are of similar genre.

shadows fall - inspiration on demand
shadows fall - a fire in babylon
pantera - cemetary gates
pantera - ****ing hostile
unearth - zombie autopilot
black label society - no more tears
black label society - superterrorizer
iron maiden - run to the hills
obituary - evil ways
nevermore - heart collector
machine head - halo
chicago - 25 or 6 to 4

well, you get the idea.

edit: i'd appreciate the time of the solo in the song if you know it too.
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Stairway, Freebird

And Redemption, by Shadows Fall. You seem to like them.
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For the Love of God - Steve Vai.

It's phenomenal.
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Lucretia by Megadeth, that solo is soo awesome. Well i think so anyway.....

From the same album, Tornado Of Souls.
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Lucretia by Megadeth, that solo is soo awesome. Well i think so anyway.....

wow, this is amazing. thanks.

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Pantera - Floods

You have to like it.

yeah i know that one already i just forgot to put it up.
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boredom - buzzcocks

i went to see them a few months ago and they didn't even play that song

i was disappointed
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