i'm trying to cover some songs from lamb of god (i.e ruin) and slipknot (my plague). but i'm not sure how to configure my rp150 to get that distortion. (i know, most of u will flame me for depending on this for distortion!!).

the sound comes 'fuzzy'. i tried a lot of stuffs, but i think i missed something.

gears used:
Ibanez ARX320
Digitech RP150
marshall TSL100. (not sure abt the model, i play it in the practice pad)
Im Not Sure About Slipknot, But Log Uses A Mark Iv For Their Tone....your Gonna Need To Save If You Are Looking For The Exact Tone
Crate V3112
Mesa Mk IVB

Ibanez SZ320
BC Rich Mockingbird Special X
Michael Kelly Patriot Custom

Too Many to list.
i dont really need the exact tone, i just need something close enough to wow some ppl in school!!
Check out those options. If those don't work, GG&A is probably the best place for this.

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