Hi im serching for a good top. And i saw the Laney TF-800. I have read some reviews and i only hear good about it. So I ask you fellow UG:ers, is it good?(why) or is it bad? (why)
I think you'll need to buy it secondhand...
Since it's a discountinued model
My cousin had one...
It sounds just great with the matching cab
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Got to love UG profiles. From reading his profile I see he plays metal. He also lives in Sweden, so I have a good idea what his budget is (since I live there myself). I can also say that he should get a Bugera 6220 combo.

To threadstarer, in Swedish:
Tro på mig Grille, Laney må vara bra. Men skaffa helrörs. har testat just de där Laney stärkarna. De är väl ok, men inget att hänga i granen. Bugera är ljusår bättre. 62260n låter som en Peavey 5150/6505. Riktigt bra metal stärkare!

Basically it was an explantion to him why the Bugera is better.
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