I was wondering what the advantages and disadvantages to using flatwound strings would be. What are the strengths and weaknesses of flatwounds and roundwounds and what are each best suited for. can anyone help?
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Well its all on preference of what sound you want to achieve. Flatwounds give quite a dull uncoloured bassy tone which is good for fingerstyle with a very vintage tone. Roundwounds on the other hand give a bright tone which is good for anything really depending on what sound you like. Roundwonds will also give a good slap tone.
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Flatwounds have a mellow sound which is good for types of music such as fingerfunk and classic rock, they're smooth to the touch and you will not get any noise created by your finger sliding on the string. Flatwound strings also do not need to be replaced very often, if ever.

Roundwound strings have a much brighter sound and are better for styles like slapfunk or punk, they're rough to the touch and you will get finger noise. The brightness dies out fairly quickly so they need to be replaced quite frequently.
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^Pretty much what he said, flats give off a very nice vintage 1950's J-bass sound. I use them on my Fretless and the do very well with it. Though here in a month or two I'm probabally going to switch it out for round ones, just to see the differance with the pick-up.

Rounds will give you a better over-all sound though, flats are pretty much just for vintage sound.
I've used both, I now I use roundwounds, but I like groundwound strings a lot (roundwound strings that have been filed down so they feel more like flatwounds)
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If you want to know what flats sound like listen to my mp3s in my profile.

I think I'm going to change them out for some rounds tommorow.
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I prefer Rounds by a lot, mainly because they can do a lot more.

Flatwounds are pretty one-dimensional.

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