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i liked it
6 15%
i didnt like it
2 5%
i havent heard it, but intend to give it a listen
5 12%
i havent heard, and intend to keep it that way
28 68%
Voters: 41.
what are your thoughts on it?
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What a huge coincidence. I have a butthole also.
he sold a million in a week, thats quite impressive.
but im not his biggest fan, his stuff isnt too good imo.
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I may give it a listen since it is technically rap and not hip-hop/crunk ****. As long as the backing track doesn't consist of just a high-pitched squeak and a "phat beat".
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which one, Tha Carter III? or is there a newer one?

Generally i very much like Lil Wayne, Tha Carter III i bought because it was on sale, and i liked Lollipop. And the entire album I think is very good, T-Pain's contributions are excellent, as is Jay-Z's and Busta Rhymes. So if that's the one you meant, then it's very good.
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there is a huge thread about this. of course it has mostly turned into a rap vs. anti rap thread by now.

i cant stand lil wayne, so i dont plan on listening to it.
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rap sux epic phail bro epic phail.

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.

Everyone step back. Make way.

A cool guy just entered the thread.

Funny words.
Listening to Lil Wayne is kinda having a spiked dildo covered in diarrhea mixed with aids-infested baby blood rammed in your ears repeatedly. There are approximately 5,923,821 better rap artists out there.
I simply cannot take this god-awful place anymore. Goodbye to all the good people here. The rest can fuck off.

I hate the way he talks when he raps....it justs sounds stupid. The new album didnt seem to have that so much. Well the tracks i listened to anyway. Not too bad, but there are better rappers then him.
Quote by Stratmaster458
rap sux epic phail bro epic phail.

way to be wayy too opinionated.
not ALL rap sucks.
most mainstream does, but not all.
i actually like wayne.

i've heard some stuff off the new album and thought it was pretty good
but i havn't given it a really good listen.
OMG...i'm a girl.


for some reason he's exploding right now. don't get me wrong, i love rap, but i think lil wayne is just okay.

and i hate these threads because i hate the little rawk stars that come in to bitch about people having a different opinion than them.
Lil Wayne looks like a monkey and raps about women and money. Gratz he's an uglier version of 50 cent...
Ahhhhh there was already a thread on this, multiple times.

Nothing new, he's no good imo. Don't like his songs. All reasons have already been stated.