Ok so im haveing a little issue with my high e string on my SX SST Ash Strat. It keeps breaking.

The issue is that im not even winding it that tight. just now i was actually unwinding so i could take it off and it snapped. Ya it made the job easyer but that makes it the 4th string since i got the guitar (about a few weeks ago). They're D'aidaro light strings.

Im not too good with electric guitars (yet) so i dont know if this is enough info if you guys need more i will gladly provide it.
make sure that they are in the bridge saddels and it might be that the tuners are like to sharply cut or somin to that affect i would bring to like a store or somin
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Maybe because SXs are horrible.

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is it breaking at the nut or saddle?

i streched out the broken string again and it turns out it broke right at the saddle

I'm gonna look into how sharp the tuners are cut cus that looks like it could be the case as sandman said.

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They Dont suck. I love mine. They really put the quality where it counts. The neck and the body are amazing. The pickups (with the exception of the bridge) are great and with some minor replacements you get a really decent strat for around $300
Might help if you take a mechanical pencil and draw a line in the nut where the E string goes in. The graphite will help lube up the nut and will help stop any breaking at the nut.