Hey guys, not good news im afraid

my acoustic Martin Left handed 00 18 v cost me just short of 2000.00 from Gamlins music centre in cardiff where i live. Now it took 6 months to arrive because it was a special order and now i have had it for one week and needed the truss rodd adjusting for me as there was a tiny amount of fret buzz, i went in today to have it done and the guy did it for me free of charge, but him being right handed he turned the guitar upside down to the right handed position and adjusted it, not until i got home did i notice a long 1 inch dented scratch on the side of the guitar like the poppers from his jeans have dug into it.

Now i was wondering what you guys think because i spoke to a luthier who advised me that as its laquered wood there is no chance of it being heated and dampend to expand the dent like you can do on matte finishes.

i could - live with it (suppose i cant see it unless i'm looking as its hidden when i play.

go back to the music shop and explain (but they could turn round and say it wasn't them and i caused the damage so its word for word) (i do have a year warranty with them.

and thats really all i can think of, please help, i am upset my brand new guitar i payed so much for is now making me wonder why i bought it in the first place.

hopefully you can help me put my mind at ease!
The first scratch always makes you cry doesn't it? I think you should just live with it -- it doesn't sound too bad and it was bound to happen sooner or later.

Sorry to hear about it though -- especially since somebody else did it.
i know i was gutted and still am. its not mega bad like full on noticeable its just annoying how its there after a week, my only concern is the pain could flake eventually but i dont think its damaged the paint i think its just dented the grain.

you are right tho, when do you ever see a vintage 20 year old martin in pristeene condition? spose it will happen.
^^^Hang in there. You'll eventually accept it. I scratched my D-16GT when I was really drunk, and then passed out. When I came to, I felt extremely bad. haha, you get over it, I'm more concerned with the sound of it, honestly. haha a little character wouldn't hurt...
Lol, I dented the wood on my D-15 the day I got it by accidently hitting it against a mic stand. It will be fine.
My Art & Lutherie has about... 20 dents and large scratches on it. Although... it is quite a bit cheaper. I've had my Martin for about 2 months now and still havent given it any easily visible scratches. I hope it stays that way, haha. Although, knowing me... it'll probably get a big one within the year.
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guess your right guys, i will get over it lol 10 years down the line i must be a pretty boring person to be worrying over a scratch and a dent its just annoying that i didnt do it myself it was done by somebody else. but not to worry i guess **** happens as they say. anyone else want to give advice or pointers would be appreciated
If the work was done at the music shop where you bought it then take it back and have a talk with them. See about getting some money back or exchanging it for another. Your average music shop multiplies by 1.9 to get their price (1.8 for larger discount shops) which means they probably only paid around 1,000 quid for your guitar. They should easily be able to take 2 or 3 hundred off the price of your guitar or exchange it for something new. If they don't then I wouldn't ever shop their again and I'd contact martin and tell them what happened. It could make them lose the ability to sell martin gear. You paid a lot of money for a brand new martin and you should have to deal with the fact that the store you bought it from messed up and scratched your guitar.

If you took this somewhere other than where you got it then you are pretty much stuck.
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Since the damage was done to your guitar by an employee of the business where you purchased the guitar, see if you can't strike some sort of monetery deal with them. Something like "I've just bought this guitar, special order for me because I'm left handed and it's brand new. It didn't have any damage until I brought it in here and your employee damaged it. What would the cost of repair be for fixing that scratch and would you be willing to lower my out of pocket cost for the guitar by that much?" Or something to that tune. It will give you a chance to get a little something out of the deal, while at the same time the store owner will more than likely have a word or two to his employee who is being careless with brand new expensive instruments. You will, obviously, have to live with the scratch on the guitar, but will at least have been compensated somewhat for it. And the guy that did it get's a well deserved ass chewing in the process.
This is what I would do if I were in your shoes.