Hey guys, not good news im afraid

my acoustic Martin Left handed 00 18 v cost me just short of 2000.00 from Gamlins music centre in cardiff where i live. Now it took 6 months to arrive because it was a special order and now i have had it for one week and needed the truss rodd adjusting for me as there was a tiny amount of fret buzz, i went in today to have it done and the guy did it for me free of charge, but him being right handed he turned the guitar upside down to the right handed position and adjusted it, not until i got home did i notice a long 1 inch dented scratch on the side of the guitar like the poppers from his jeans have dug into it.

Now i was wondering what you guys think because i spoke to a luthier who advised me that as its laquered wood there is no chance of it being heated and dampend to expand the dent like you can do on matte finishes.

i could - live with it (suppose i cant see it unless i'm looking as its hidden when i play.

go back to the music shop and explain (but they could turn round and say it wasn't them and i caused the damage so its word for word) (i do have a year warranty with them.

and thats really all i can think of, please help, i am upset my brand new guitar i payed so much for is now making me wonder why i bought it in the first place.

hopefully you can help me put my mind at ease!
bring it back to the store and tell them it was the guy who did it when he adjusted the truss rod. hopefully they'll be honest...
also, depending on what kind of wood it is, you could buy wood powder of that kind, or just get a chunk of wood and sand it down, keeping the filings, and then mix that with superglue and put it in the dent. it wont hurt structural integrity, and it wont affect your tone, and very often, it's hard to see it (if it's done neatly).
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man i feel for you, i think going back to the store would be a waste of time but it could be worth a try.
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try taking it back the guy at the store should have take more care of your instrument
ah thanks guys, i think going back would be a good idea but like you said potentially a big waste of time because they arnt going to change a 2000.00 guitar for a little 1 inch dented scratch and theres no prooving its them. spoke to my mate and his attitude is " every guitarist has there guitar damaged at some point and think of it as a scar and just a story to tell when your intrstument is truly vintage, u guys agree with this?
*grabs chest*

dude that sucks. i'd raise hell if i were you. it may not get you anywhere but do it loud and proud with a large group of people in the store
Support your local luthier!

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i would do! lol but they've agreed to fix any technical probs i ever have with guitar and also restring it when i want so dont want to make enemies, really i dont know what to do, i know on UNLAQUERED wood u can wet and the compressed grain dents out but on laquered woods do u think just raising room humidity slightly would make it a little less visible, as steaming it damages finish and paint.

anyother suggestions guys?
i am gutted but its done now so my only option is either think of it as a scar and move on, complain and have it fixed probably waiting a while as its left handed or repair which would prob cost a fortune lol

not sure :S
guitar store massacre FTW! LoL jk!
Support your local luthier!

Timpson Guitars and TDM Pickups rock ;D

I make guitars and pickups. I also make sh*t that'll blow you the f*k up as well as things that will rebuild you - I have the technology
Haha if only, just think ill have to live with it, just use bit of polish help hide its ugly face with shinyness i spose! not too much polishing tho lol paint and laquer will end up coming off knowing my luck
Well yes every scratch or dent on a guitar has a story if you were there when it was made. But if its some guy at a shop who isnt to careful with instruments its not a good story anymore. Will they fix it, maybe or make it worse trying. Will they replace the guitar which would mean them eating the whole thing doubt it. Will they give you anything to make up for it unlikely. All you can do is let em know your pissed and everybody you talk to will know about this incident. And find a new place to buy your stuff from. They may or may not care most shops could care less about return customers.
i was there when it was made lol just didnt realise hed done it till i got home cos he just adjusted the truss rod for me in about 10 minutes to stop a litle bit of fret but and thats when it happend, scraped on his jeans is my best bet. but i agree doubt theyll do anything.
just put up with it i guess i have no doubt over the years itll have plenty more.