The garbage truck came to empty my grandpa's dumpster he had installed for his car garage. When the truck backed into our yard, the incline combined with the driver braking sloshed the most foul smelling liquid I have ever laid eyes upon into our yard. I can't step outside without smelling it. It smells like what it is - hot, putrid garbage sweat.

It's probably the worst smell I've ever encountered.

And you? What's the worst odor you've smelled?
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thats rough! worst for me is prob week old fish and oysters that had been left in a washing up basket in the restaurant for a week, next to the warm air outlet of the tumble fryer. guess who got to clean that!
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well my sister unplugged the freezer chest and it stayed unplugged for about 2 weeks
that thing was full of meat and when we opened it that smell was the worst thing i have ever smelled
everything in there went bad and there was like a foot and a half of blood at the bottom it was great
that smell still haunts me lol
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