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Can someone tell me what the big deal with jazz IIIs is? I constantly hear people talk about them here and I've never used them. Are they really that good?
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once you use them, you'll understand.
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john petrucci uses them
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Out of curiousity, what material and gauge are they? I've never used one.
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I prefer the 1.0 Nylons, The lll's are way too small for me >.<
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I dont hate them, I just dislike them. Theres no gripping substance to them at all. If I got some gorilla snot or whatever that **** is called I might use them more
I like to use the purple brain picks. I'm not sure if they are .6 or .7, but they are picks for gods. And I'm one of 'em.
I can honestly say I have really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like.

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john petrucci uses them

this has made me want to stop using them

however there so awesome ill carry on
they're small but very good
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I dislike the feel of nylon, so I use 1.0 Tortex.
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Jazz III XL are better..
Normal Jazz III's are small, but the XL are.. Extra large.. =\

I'm liking them.
They're extremely small but they are very heavy, as in thickness, picks. I love using them. For me, nothing beats them for tremolo picking because of how heavy they are.
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I hate them. They're too small. Dunlop "The Wedge" FTW .

EDIT: I just saw the Jazz III XL. I have to say that they look like heaven.

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this has made me want to stop using them

however there so awesome ill carry on

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They're good for shredding and the like. I have a few but I still use my good old-fashioned 1mm Tortex picks most of the time.
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Hate them so much.. don't get why people go on about them!

Mabye because they like them?
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I like them a lot. Dunno why though, I just prefer playing with them.
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Mabye because they like them?

Nah. Our opinion is the only valid one.

Now I've tried them I couldn't possibly use anything else. Those standard Dunlop ones are HUGE and anything under 1mm is waaay too thin. I was Jazz IIIs were thicker, but oh well.
They help you play better. They are small picks and once you get used to them you will be amore accurate pick-er.

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Anyone else wish they made them a bit more grippy? They feel like they could slip out of my fingers far too easily...
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i really really love them. personally, i like to feel like i'm actually hitting the strings when i play. they don't flop around or flex so i feel as if i can control it better. i can't really explain it too well.

just buy some and try it out. you'll love it.
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