For my tech project i was thinking about making some sort of learning aid for practising chords. Basically it would be a cut down version of a neck probably around 4 frets long with strings on so you can practise finger positions for basic chords like A to G when you dont have a guitar handy like at school or on holiday or whatever. Im thinking about putting lights into the neck for finger positions for each chord possibly, im still in the early stages though...

Any feedback / suggestions / general ideas would be huuuuuuuuuugely appreciated and I'll love you forever =)
That kind of sounds like the shred neck(it's the first 7 frets of any guitar/bass with the strings so you can practice anywhere you want to)
Do you know if they sell that in England? I've not heard of it before

edit: anyone got any suggestions for improvements or anything else that could help learning easier for beginners?
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