Hi, this is my case
i bought it a year ago when i bought a new guitar, (epiphone g-400) and it fit well and it had extra space (it can also fit a bass) well, i got a dean razroback explosion couple days ago and it cant fit in the case (the razorback shape can't fit, not that it's too tall.)
I don't wanna carry my hardshell case that came with the guitar every week to guitar lessons because it's very very very heavy!
Is there a case that can fit a tall guitar (it's approximately the size of a bass) and that can also fit the rwzorback shape in it which isnt heavy? (from the material of the case i have)
if there is please send me a link for it.
thanks in advance.
the case that came with the razorback is too heavy? any case that fits a razorback is gonna be heavier than a regular case, but i dont think i've ever heard of it being an issue before.

check out coffin case i guess as they tend to make cases for radical shaped guitars.
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link doesnt work. check out Gator Extreme Case
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