Does anyone know how he got into playing guitar?
I've done some research but it doesnt go into much detail?
His granny gave him a one string guitar

He went from there

He never used tabs, he did everything by ear

Read his book god dammit
Hairy got is basically right.

He found a flamenco guitar in his Grandmother's closet, with only one string. He took it, started learning things by ear, took a couple of lessons after he got the other strings. Don't remember when he bought his first electric.

And yes, read Slash.
hey, lets just be happy this isn't another, 'how do i get slash's tone' thread.
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Did Anyone Know That Slash's Real Name Is Saul Hudson!!??!!?? Wow
i wonder if god plays guitar??? when i die i want to have a jam session with god. think of how good he would be!!

hang out with your wang out

wow indeed. coz i thought his parents called him Slash...