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Yea its good
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Eh, its passable
12 80%
You guys are idiots
3 20%
Voters: 15.
What are your thoughts on the band name, The Overtones. We're sort of a harder rock group who plays a lot of classic rock. Any input on the name is appreciated
but forgetable
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This, this right here is the correct option.
This belongsin the only band Name thread.
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Viscara (my band)
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...no he doesn't. he's right.

and the name is ok imo, but pretty boring. would also most likely get mixed up with the undertones.
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the overtones? well u want some opinions right? its boring, unoriginal, not a name that catches the eye, if i was at a record store and i happen to see a band with that name on the album i wouldnt even look at it twice, the overtones sounds like some middle school pop rock band, thats just what 1 man thinks tho. cheers
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...no he doesn't. he's right.

So, since he's right, needs to say it. Sometimes, it's better to keep your damn mouth shut.
as already said, could be confused with the Undertones.
What you need is a name that no-one else or very few people with already have.
Classic/Hard Rock examples: Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, ZZ Top, Thin Lizzy etc.
They were probably the first people to think of them band names...
I bet there's a million other bands called The Overtones.
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Sometimes, it's better to keep your damn mouth shut.

Fuckin' A.

j000, please use the only band name thread as suggested.