does any one no of any shreders who use electronic instruments in their music
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Im not sure at all what your talking about. Electric guitars run on electricity.
I decided I want to be more like the people on ug...


That oughta do it.

Time for a supercool guitar demonstration by herman li,

Herman Li- why is this guitar so big?

Stage guy- because its a bass herman

I think he means like the techno type of thing. In which, go for some Buckethead. I like Nun Chuka Kata or what ever it is called. It is technoy sounding.
Neil Zaza has plenty of electronic elements especially on his album Melodica. I'd cream my pants if someone made proper electronic music with shred...
Well, off the top of my head, Shawn Lane, Steve Vai, MAB and me (obviously, i can't account for any steep decline in quality after the first 3).

Stratwizard, check out Pendulumns first album. Killer D&B, and a guitar solo or two worth hearing. What about the EVH "tapping" in Daft Punk's Aerodynamic?
Amir Derakh of Orgy used to be a real shredder in Rough Cutt, but he doesn't really use those techniques in Orgy. Sorry that doesn't really help much.
I think he means the solo from Digital Love - Daft Punk its played on a synth