Here is how i play Aminor pentatonic scale in 1st position(fret5) I would use my index to play the A, then pinky for the C note(both fingers are still fretting). I would keep my pinky on the C as I then go down to the next string to play the D note with index finger --now the problem where the noise comes is when i lift my pinky off the C note to play the E note on the A string. Just me lifting it off slightly and slowly results in noise.

How do I avoid the noise? I really want to keep a loose picking hand off the strings and not use my palm as it is more comfortable.
mute your low e string with your middle or ring finger

thats what i do

EDIT: stupid me, mute with your index, kinda bar your e and a, since your using your ring to play the e note
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you just need to practice your muting tecnique, dont forget to use your right hand to mute as well as your fretting hand
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