These guitars seem like a really good deal to me and I've been looking at the explorers. The finish looks nice and all but it looks ugly. I mean, it has a huge extra chunk added to the normal explorer shape in the upper right corner. I don't know how they could have screwed it up that bad. I was wondering if that's the way it looks in person or if all the pictures on the internet just make it look that way.
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the finishes and specs look really decent but i really don't understand that beefed out shoulder on the futura.

the whole line looks great value for money for people shopping the low-mid range market though.
Those are not Explorers, those are Futuras. Futuras are Explorer shaped guitars with a thinner body, a hughe cutaway and they are slimmer arround the ''Waist''. And they are ugly as hell. The prophecy series offer great bang for the buck but stay with the sg or les paul cause the futuras are just a disgrace to the eye...
the futuras, or w/e the explorers are called in that line are terrible looking. they look so misshapen. the les paul and sg are great values though. im considering getting the lp with the dirty fingers (i like the smoke finish better but i dont like emgs).
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Idk why
but I love those futuras. >_<
The extra piece on it makes the cutaway look longer I think...

And if only it came with dirty fingers instead of just emg's.
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Well I'm glad I'm not alone on this because whenever there is a thread everyone always marvels at how awesome it looks. I disagree with them
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The Futuras look ok if you dont look straight forward in front of them. They look even better when you close your eyes. I like the SG prophecies the best. If only the black ones came with dirty fingers!
can anyone explain why the prophecy series lp only has to knobs on the bottom (im assuming ine volume, one tone). rather than the standard 4 knobs on lps?